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Keegan Roembke

Italian Sonnet

We strolled high above the Adriatic Sea
Looking down vertically at the turquoise tide
She revealed an etched wooden pipe at her side
We walked on down the dirt path where three
Birds perched, each a different shade, musing on a tree
Choosing to walk towards the bluebird, we tried
A hidden path leading to a lone rock where we’d reside
And peer out o’er an unhindered watercolor sea

Our maker looked down on us with unrestrained joy
As we loved one another above and below his wondrous glory
Quarreling with nothing and tossing jabs with the Italian convoy
Playing innocent games with viscous red wine like a shiny new toy
Wearing vines we happened upon in the wooded limestone quarry
Satisfied on our hot stroll in suede and corduroy