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Keegan Roembke

Ode to My Treacherous Affinity

You are invigorating sinsemilla paired with dark, strong coffee
A refreshing receptor and the most stifling of stimuli
When your face is envisioned, my face turns grey
Your power is turning late night into day
Coupled with curfew you break down its bounds
Throw convincing words that build clots in my heart
Leave no stone unturned except the one sitting listlessly below

You are the last autumn leave that falls slowly from the tree in
Late November, with its solemn brown hue and way of swaying
You possess the petrifying personality of the holy Saint Paul
Won’t you break me from within and make me your apostle

Leave the keys by the door so I can leave
And put you back in the tree that you fell from
I only desire to do so because you looked so happy there
You were the last to fall and I think you would have wanted
To stay, if gravity and nature hadn’t made you jump from the fray
So I will place you atop the oak and watch you from afar - it is best like this.