Tip The Writer

Keegan Roembke

Too Old/Too Young

The stained glass lamps say that I’m old

Too old for this year

Or the next

Heart too old for this young age

Or the next

Pin myself to the cork board on my wall

Where I can be looked at clearer.

About to run out of money

So I write myself a poem

Something in there about

not knowing a damn thing about

making money. And there it worked:

500 dollars was just sent to you

By First Bank of Poetry.

Oh and then there’s some remembering

To do. I guess it’s cause I got sad

In some kind of love and drunk. But I ain’t about

To run out of money soon

Ain’t about to be a different

Person either. Just the same

Badass millennial shithead soaked in coooll

Looking at my phone checking the weaaather

With my shoulders and tongue.

Too young, too young.