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Keegan Roembke

We Rose into the Sky

We rose into the sky. Feelings came and went, feelings piqued and subsided.
Everywhere my  eyes looked was a reminder –
nostalgic or ominous.
Espresso and red wine followed by a clean severance package
with no benefits like those good jobs have.
There will be a hangover. There will be the deftest attempt at riddance.

Do you know the feeling of intending to love and simultaneously intending to love?
I do not believe you do
Because you are nothing special. What is your idea of love?
Spending two happy years followed by forty years quietly despising the spouse you tolerate?
A house with a yard, a dog and a car, kids that give you headaches?
Not mine, not now.
Love is intentional. love is honest, love is passionate,
Love is stimulating and essential,
and all that other bullshit.
Eternal love can only be found subjectively.
Eternal love has no specifications regarding humanity’s notion of time.

I am not dramatic, and I never seem to be excited to the naked eye. What is excitement?
Enduring life’s wondrous rushes is the essence of living, not the rush.
Need anything be physical? Need it be shared with anyone other than the self?
Possibly it is a possibility.
It must be expressed in some personal manner, however.
I choose not to engage with shallow, excited body language, but this I will express:
your love has thoroughly excited me.

I am not a liar, but sometimes I lie.
I am not stupid enough to think, however, that lying can ever have surely positive
More lying, more obstacles. I have experienced this. I did not lie to you.
We rose into the sky.